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Avalanche danger forecast for
Wednesday 1/17/2018

AVALANCHE DANGER   Very strong wind from WNW and new snowfalls
Wednesday 1/17/2018
Due to the ongoing precipitation accompanied by very strong and stormy winds from WNW, the avalanche danger level is 3-considerable along the ridge bordering with France and Switzerland, from the Val di Rhemes to the upper part of the Lys valley (moderate amounts of fresh snow), while it varies between 2-moderate and 3-considerable elsewhere.
Main avalanche problems: wind-drifted snow.
Above 2500-2800 m, due to very strong/stormy winds, the loose snow (fresh and recent) is mostly sublimated and swept away with the result of strongly eroded ridges and bumps, while at intermediate altitudes, between 1600 m and 2500 m, it is easier that widespread medium-sized wind accumulations will form at all aspects.
Attention - in the areas most affected by the snowfall a layer of surface hoar is incorporated and constitutes a potential plane for the sliding of the fresh snow.
Triggered avalanches also inside the forest: especially where it is sparse (larch woods), the passage of only one skier/hiker can trigger superficial slabs, even of medium size, on the steep slopes, at all aspects - in particular on slope changes, entry of channels, but also on the open slopes.
Natural avalanches: recovering during the day with:
- loose snow sluffs from the very steep slopes, at all aspects and altitudes;
- slab avalanches, in some cases of medium size, which, when detached from high altitudes, may in individual cases reach the bottom of the valley, going a long way. Unfortunately, the avalanche channels are already partially obstructed, so a new avalanche could come out of the usual margins; - under 2200-2000 m full-depth avalanches of wet snow, which in some cases could affect the road network.

Trend of the avalanche danger: stationary.
KEY Critical slopes altitude and aspects Rising avalanche danger during the day
Hazard scale

updated to 1/16/2018
New snow and snow cover
Amounts of fresh snow since last night updated at 9.00 am: few cm everywhere in the valleyfloors, at 2000 m 10-20 cm along the ridge bordering with France and Switzerland, 5-10 cm on elsewhere.
Very good on the whole region above 2000 m. Poor/absent under 1300-1500 m.

Snowpack stability
The stability of the old snow is good, above all thanks to the weight of the snow itself and to the low temperatures.
The new/recent snow, however, is undergoing to the action of very strong winds from WNW with the consequent erosion and sublimation of the snowpack, especially at high altitude, and the formation of widespread accumulations, especially at lower altitudes.
The natural avalanche activity is slightly rising with sluffs of new snow from rocky bars and very steep slopes.
Many coldest slopes (aspects E-N-W), sheltered by the wind of the last week, have a surface hoar layer of even thickness 4 cm that is gradually covered by the snowfall in progress.
Today there was a significant increase in temperature with the consequent release of some wet snow avalanches from the lower altitudes.

The intense wind activity in progress is rapidly ruining the beautiful snow of last week.
Weather forecast
Snow and avalanche bulletin n° 47 issued on 1/16/2018 at 00:00 p.m.
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