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Avalanche danger forecast for
Wednesday 3/29/2017

AVALANCHE DANGER   Good snow refreezing overnight, increasing temperatures during the day
Wednesday 3/29/2017
The avalanche hazard is 3-considerable in Valgrisenche, in the Valleys of Gran Paradiso, 2-moderate increasing to 3-considerable during the day elsewhere.
The avalanche problems are:
Wet snow
The sun increases the surface instability and causes an intensification of the natural release up to 3000-3200 m with surface release of wet snow, small and medium size, at all aspects (to the south, below 2700 m, also to the ground) . In isolated cases, on very steep slopes and sunny, these avalanches during the descent towards the valley may increase in size.
A hiker / skier can already trigger small heavy snow avalanches, especially from 2700-2800 m in the hottest hours. Remember that it is better to finish early hikes.
wind-drifted snow at high altitude
In areas with 3-considerable above 2600-2800 m are present large quantities of recent snow in quick settlement and widespread low detectable wind loads.
Possible avalanches of surface slabs even of medium size, both spontaneous and at a passage of a single skier, mainly on very steep slopes from the aspects between west, north and northeast. In back-country activities requires a good local evaluation of the danger.
Elsewhere in the region slab avalanches are at lower thicknesses and there are less.

Avalanche danger trend: in progressive decrease thanks to the classic melting and refreezing cycles.
KEY Critical slopes altitude and aspects Rising avalanche danger during the day
Hazard scale

updated to 3/28/2017
Snow pack.
Tonight, cold temperatures, good refreezing of the top 20 cm of snow up to 2600-2900 m. The snow is well-frozen and lasts up to warmer central hours when the sun makes breackable crust.
Below 2800-2900 m surface crust, That on the steep slopes to the south and west is thick and unbrekable (spring snow) while to the north have thicknesses and even lower hardnesses and find up to 2600-2700 m. These wet crusts become difficult to ski, while the old snowpack remains very wet across its thickness. Fresh snow, good for skiing, is located above the 2700-2900 m to the coldest aspects (N-NE and E).

Avalanches activity.
Between 2300 and 3200 m reported mainly on sunny aspects, several natural releases of medium size, moist, slabs and loose, detached from very steep slopes near ridges or near rock bands that have come a long way before stopping.

Snow cover.
Improved snow cover above 2500-2600 m, especially in the valleys of the Gran Paradiso, where there is a lot of new snow under settling. Reduction of the snowcover limit between 1700 and 2400 m depending on exposure of the slope and the thickness of the snowpack.
Weather forecast
Snow and avalanche bulletin n° 125 issued on 3/28/2017 at 00:00 p.m.
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