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Avalanche danger forecast for
Thursday 12/8/2016

AVALANCHE DANGER   Good conditions for ski-mountaineering excursions.
Thursday 12/8/2016

The avalanche danger level is 1-low in the central valley (Fallčre area excluded), 2-moderate elsewhere.

Natural release activity limited to the sunny steep slopes below 2800-3000 m, in particular close to the rock bars and in the hottest hours of the day, where sluffs and small wet snow avalanches can release.
Accidental triggering: possible at high altitude (above 2800-3200 m), in particular at the entrance of hollows, channels and gullies; here, old windslabs could be triggered, with high overload, on the very steep and shady slopes where a thin snowpack is present.
In the SE areas of the Region, in particular in the Champorcher valley, above 2200 m, the snowpack is very irregular (the action of the winds has been more intense after the snowfall); it is so required a careful examination of the accumulations spots that are widespread but clearly visible.

Trend of the avalanche danger level: stationary.
KEY Critical slopes altitude and aspects Rising avalanche danger during the day
Hazard scale

updated to 12/7/2016
Snow and weather:
The snow cover is generally good for the season. In the most snowy valleys the snowpack is continuous above 1600-1800 m, otherwise above 2000-2200 m.
A clear difference between the sunny and shady slopes is present: to the south the snow limit raised (in particular on the central axis of the Region) with a major loss of thickness compared to the north exposed slopes; on the shady sides the temperatures (in constant gradual rise, expecially the maximum) doesn't influence the snow cover, while on the sunny sides, the air temperatures associated to the sun irradiation is able to warm up the superficial layer, favouring the formation of thin crusts, only on the steep slopes (>33°-35°).
The superficial snow is powder loose snow with surface hoar on the W and N exposed aspects, locally wind crusts not always unbreakable are present.
The snowpack is primarily stable. Only at high altitude, on the shady slopes, there is a weak layer of faceted crystals close to the ground.
Weather forecast
Snow and avalanche bulletin n° 14 issued on 12/7/2016 at 00:00 p.m.
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