Snow and avalanche bulletin n° 20
issued on 2/8/2016 at 00:00 p.m.

valid 72 hours out of controlled and open ski runs
Next update on 02/10/2016

GENERAL CONDITION   New snow over the weekend and small loads at high altitude
  Snow height [ cm ] Ta
snowdrift event
Last snowfall Continuous snowcover above
[m a.s.l.]
Ground level New
h 07:00 h 07:00 h 07:00 h 07:00
2000 m 2500 m 2000 m 2000 m Shady Sunny
A - Central Valle d’Aosta 40-80 50-90 20-30 -2 2/8/2016
weak / moderate from NW
1000-1200 1900-2200
B - Gressoney, Ayas, Champorcher Valleys 30-60 60-90 20-40 -3 2/8/2016
weak / moderate from SW
1500-1800 1900-2200
C - Rhêmes, Valsavarenche, Cogne Valleys 40-80 70-90 10-20 -2 2/7/2016
weak / moderate from SW-SE
1100-1300 1500-1800
D - Alpine ridge 50-130 60-250 10-20 -4 2/8/2016
weak / moderate from W
1400-1600 1600-1900
In the central and western areas, the new snow has a good bond with the old snow still loose fall last week.
The avalanche activity is currently low; They were reported above 2400 m, mainly from the sunny slopes, small loose snow avalanches, a medium-size slab and two trigger without a burial, in the Mont Blanc area on extremely steep slopes.
The wind was weak and was made to feel just above 2500-2600 m, creating a few new soft accumulations of small thickness and size, especially on the southern and eastern slopes. These are in addition to the still present loads, formed last week, most common along the border ridges with France and Switzerland. New snow now makes them far less visible, but are stable, detachable by high overload especially near elevation changes and on the steepest slopes. The avalanche danger level for today is 2-moderate on the whole region.
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FORECAST   New snow, strong in the NW area, wind = increased danger!
Tuesday 2/9/2016
Tuesday new snow. The snowfall will be more intense in the afternoon and there will be strong winds from the W-SW that will form new windloads above 2400 m even more than one meter thick. The danger will grow at 3-considerable rising to 4-strong in the day in the western sector (from Valgrisenche to the Gran San Bernardo), will also rise in the central sector and the heads of Lys and Ayas 3-considerable, and will remain 2-moderate in the lower valley.
Wednesday some snow, cold and still strong NW wind that this time will form accumulations up to mid-mountain altitudes. This will still find a lot of loose snow; mainly on the eastern and southern slopes will form widespread and thick slabs hard or soft. It will, in particular in the western part of the valley, medium and sometimes large avalanches, even dusty, able to reach the valley floor and fill the roads.
The triggering, even medium-sized avalanches, will likely by low overloading (single person), even on steep slopes below the treeline and in clearings. In areas most affected by the snowfall the conditions of instability of the snow reduce the chances of back country activities activities.
From Thursday, the avalanche danger will gradually decrease.
Wednesday 2/10/2016
Thursday 2/11/2016
KEY Critical slopes altitude and aspects Rising avalanche danger during the day
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