Snow and avalanche bulletin n° 60
issued on 5/4/2016 at 30:00 p.m.

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valid 72 hours out of controlled and open ski runs
Next update on 05/06/2016

GENERAL CONDITION   Above 2800 m of altitude wind loads accumulation !
  Snow height [ cm ] Ta
snowdrift event
Last snowfall Continuous snowcover above
[m a.s.l.]
Ground level New
h 07:00 h 07:00 h h 07:00
2000 m 2500 m 2000 m 2000 m Shady Sunny
A - Central Valle d’Aosta 0-60 50-80 - -1 5/3/2016
moderate/strong from NNE >3500m
2000-2300 2100-2400
B - Gressoney, Ayas, Champorcher Valleys 0-50 60-110 - -1 5/3/2016
strong/very strong from NNE >3500m
1900-2400 2100-2400
C - Rhêmes, Valsavarenche, Cogne Valleys 0-50 50-130 - -2 5/3/2016
moderate from NNW >3500m
traces up to 2500m
1800-2300 2000-2300
D - Alpine ridge 10-100 70-230 - -1 5/4/2016
strong/very strong from NNE >3500m
traces up to 2500m
1800-2200 2000-2300
Good conditions for ski touring thanks to the good cooling and a beautiful sunny day.
The wind accumulations are the main problem for today, above 2800 m near ridges and hills, dorsal and moraines they are not well stable. On very steep slopes, the passage of a single skier could detach them. These were formed with the very strong northern winds of the last days. They are clearly visible, therefore avoidable.
For these reasons, up to 2800 m, the avalanche danger level remains 3-considerable along the alpine ridge border with France, Switzerland and Piemonte. Between Monday and yesterday reported numerous surface releases of loose snow, some of medium-sized, from very steep slopes or rocky bars related to the snowfall of the last weekend. Slabs release only reported over 2700 m (20-40 cm thick). Currently the natural release activity is declining.
Snow conditions:
- in the basins more shaded and protected from the wind, loose snow (locally a little more chalky) is present over 2900 m, while on the most sunny slopes is only above 3500 m of altitude;
- at intermediate altitudes, between the wind and the sun of these days of May, they were formed more or less crusts;
- on the sunnier slopes and at lower altitudes, there is a melt and freeze crust, carrying in the morning at fast humidification during the day.
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FORECAST   Gradual stability of wind accumulations up to 2800 m !!
Thursday 5/5/2016
Winter conditions persist above 2800 m thanks to the low temperatures. The stability of the snowpack is gradually improving with each passing day. For Thursday is still expected 3-considerable above 3000 m just along the border ridge with France, Switzerland and Piemonte. And from Friday will be decreased to 2-moderate on the whole region.
The wind accumulations, above 2800 m, remain the most important critical issues to assess during an excursion, especially if located on the more shaded slopes.
The spreading and the size of the slabs increases with the altitude. The critical areas are the very steep slopes near ridges and hills or dorsal and moraines, where, even by light overloading, you can detach a surface slab of variable thickness (from 20 to 50 cm).
Mostly accumulations are visible and therefore avoidable.
We don't expect a significant natural avalanche activity.
Friday 5/6/2016
Saturday 5/7/2016
KEY Critical slopes altitude and aspects Rising avalanche danger during the day
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