Snow and avalanche bulletin n° 53
issued on 3/27/2015 at 00:00 p.m.

valid 72 hours out of controlled and open ski runs
Next update on 03/30/2015

GENERAL CONDITION   Strong N-NW winds: new slabs!
  Snow height [ cm ] Ta
snowdrift event
Last snowfall Continuous snowcover above
[m a.s.l.]
Ground level New
h 07:00 h 07:00 h 48 h 07:00
2000 m 2500 m 2000 m 2000 m Shady Sunny
A - Central Valle d’Aosta 70-145 130-150 5-10 0 3/27/2015
N moderate
1500-1700 1800-2300
B - Gressoney, Ayas, Champorcher Valleys 45-180 145-270 10-20 0 3/27/2015
E moderate at high altitude
1400-1500 1700-1900
C - Rhêmes, Valsavarenche, Cogne Valleys 60-110 120-155 5-10 -1 3/27/2015
N moderate
1500-1600 1700-1900
D - Alpine ridge 25-120 70-215 0-5 -2 3/27/2015
E moderate at high altitude
traces - storm
1500-1600 1700-1900
The snowpack is wet up to 2800-2900 m on the sunny aspects: this has led to surface and depth spontaneous and triggered avalanches. Less avalanches on the N slopes.
Currently N strong winds are drifting the loose snow above 2300-2500: a lot of snow is dissolved by the strong wind, but where it is less strong (lee slopes, elevation changes, more sheltered hollows) there are new accumulations at all aspects that will increase in number and thickness.
The avalanche danger level is 3-considerable in the valleys of the Gran Paradiso, Lys, Ayas and Champorcher and 2-moderate elsewhere.
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FORECAST   Still strong wind in the week-end: the danger rises with the rising elevation!
Saturday 3/28/2015
Moderate to strong winds throughout the weekend are expected; Sunday and Monday light precipitations in the Northwest.
Wet snow natural avalanches especially on sunny steep slopes below 2400-2200 m, especially during the hottest hours of the day, will still be likely.
The slabs will get more and thicker, especially over 2400-2600 m, near hills, elevation changes and on the sheltered hollows; these slabs are both hard and soft, often lay on crusts and may be triggered by a single skier/hiker. Also the weak deeper layers of the snowpack might be involved.
Beyond 2400-2600 m some loose snow is present throughout the region, so keep attention at going on high altitude because the spread and the thickness of the slabs easily detachable rise.
Instead at lower altitude the accumulations will be more localized near steep channels, bumps, elevation changes and will be generally visible and therefore avoidable.
Monday according to the amount of snow expected (few and mostly only in the north-west) the degree of danger won't change.
The avalanche danger level will remain 3-considerable in the valleys of the Gran Paradiso, Lys, Ayas and Champorcher and 2-moderate elsewhere.
Sunday 3/29/2015
Monday 3/30/2015
KEY Critical slopes altitude and aspects Rising avalanche danger during the day
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