Information Note issued on 5/25/2018 at 01:00 p.m.

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Despite the mid-May season, the ski mountaineering season continues at high altitude. There is still a good/excellent snowcover, especially in the side valleys where, at the northern expositions, you can wear skis from 2000 m and sometimes even 1850-1900 m. We advise you to choose the routes along wide and open slopes because they are still smooth, more easily skiable, while in the channels there are more avalanche debris.
Current conditions
Up to 2300-2500 m the snow presents holes and runoffs formed due to the rainfall in recent days, in general the mantle is very dense and manages not to sink the skis even in the late morning. Above 2400-2600 m the snow is more smooth and very hard in the early morning if the night is clear (on the steep knives / cramps recommended). Above 2600 m rest on a hard bottom 2 fingers of softer snow that tends to heat up a lot with the arrival of the sun and is stuck under the skis.
In the last days, above the 2600 m of altitude, several avalanches have fallen at different aspects. These are loose snow avalanches and rare slabs, even of medium size, which have widened collecting wet snow. They have release from very steep slopes, often in near rocks, by habitual canals and by jumps of rock formed by waterfalls.

Future conditions
Typical spring conditions and therefore linked to the night refreezing and the increase in temperatures. The most important parameter to evaluate when planning trips is the presence of clear nights that allow you to have optimal freezing, and therefore a weak danger of avalanches. Obviously it is necessary to finish the trip in time, before the diurnal heat increase and completely melts the surface crust. The main avalanche problem is wet snow. However, if the night is mostly cloudy, the refreezing will be poor even in the early morning and limited only to the higher altitudes
At high altitude, above 3300 m, there is still a more or less crusty layer with 40 cm of winter snow in transformation, faster to the south and to the west, further north and east. There are still small sporadic wind accumulations that are stabilizing.

For the next few days there is a dynamic and very variable weather: nice sunny moments alternate with periods with cloudy cover, even compact, and scattered showers. Weak wind.
A lively avalanche activity is still expected, especially during the sunniest days and in the hottest hours, from very steep slopes and near the rocky jumps, particularly in the areas most affected by precipitation with the arrival of the first sun.
A local assessment of the avalanche danger is required which changes suddenly throughout the day. In general at high altitudes, due to the excellent snow cover, good conditions remain for ski mountaineering excursions, maintaining a correct time for the return to the valley.

The next information note will be issued on the basis of the nivo-meteorological evolution.